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About Genartive

The art on this website is generated by algorithms that endless variations on each theme.

Sample .PDE codeFor each theme, I create a Processing.js application to define the general layout, colour palette, and other components of a scene. I then introduce some serendipity by having the code subtly vary the details of the rendering based on a random seed between 1 and 1 billion.

After careful trial and error, my aim is to achieve a level of randomness that makes the results surprising and interesting, but still figurative and realistic.

Sample Code

Simplified versions of the code used to generate these artworks is on GitHub:

• GitHub Profile: garyesmith

• GitHub Repository: generative-artwork-skyline

• GitHub Repository: generative-artwork-moonscape

• GitHub Repository: generative-artwork-streetscape

• GitHub Repository: generative-artwork-treescape

• GitHub Repository: generative-artwork-pueblo


About Gary Smith

GaryI live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my wife Josie. I have a Computer Science degree and I have worked at IBM and the CBC. Currently I am the lead developer at Vubble.

I also enjoy making traditional art, including paintings and ink drawings of places we've visited during our travels.